Dagens download

Ett av de fina håren till ts3 som jag tipsade om häromdagen finns nu också till ts2! Det är konverterat av rented-space och går att ladda ner här.
Download 3t2 Cazy 124 Northern Star: POOKLET TEXTURES || REMI TEXTURES
EDIT: Ooops - having a mesh inside the rars would be helpful! Never do things when you’re half-asleep Please redownload the new files to get the mesh!
3t2 conversion of Cazy’s New Year hair, “Northern Star”. Her original mesh was like 26k polycount, but I used a “lower” quality mesh that is around 10k, so it’s not fantastically detailed like the original, but it’s a small price to pay I suppose ;) Animations are not perfect as you can see, so if someone wants to fiddle with that and improve it, they are more than welcome to.
Hair works for all ages, female only and comes in all pooklet naturals and Io’s colours. Binned and familied, elder colours are in the custom bin. Elders on Remi’s textures are attached to black.
Bild: rented-space.tumblr.com

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