Dagens download

Dagens download är ett par riktigt snygga hudfärger till ts2 gjorda av pooklet. Ni kan ladda ner dem här!
[ d o w n l o a d ]
it was my birthday on the 15th and since i’m way past the age of bringing cupcakes into class i will instead bring skins to tumblr.
i really love mouseyblue’s dusk skins, i just wanted them in more and darker colors. so i recolored each one a different random shade and here they are. they are townified and geneticized in a way that fits my game but might not fit yours (values included in the screenshots below) so feel free to change the values to whatever you like.
closeups: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven
credits: mouseyblue (see their original post for further skin credits), ephemera for the waterline and shine on some of the darker skins, miranda for some eye and nose shaders.
Bild: pooklet.tumblr.com

» julia

grattis po födilsedagen! din blogg är jettabra, aldrig set någon bätre1

få finfinfinfina pressenter och tårtor

Svar: Det är inte jag som fyller år. :)

2014-01-22 // 19:41:17

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